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Tyneside Cinema’s multi-award-winning learning programme is the most distinctive and far-reaching programme offered by any independent UK cinema.

Over the last three years, we’ve welcomed over 15,000 children and young people to our historic art-deco cinema to learn more about the world through film.

Our award-winning learning team have created a range of workshops for 8 – 24 year olds that can compliment work done in the classroom. From modern foreign language workshops and study days to curriculum led filmmaking workshops, our sessions can help shed light on a subject, as well as building skills and confidence.

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Learning & Participation Manager

Name: Alina Trewitt
Phone Number: 0191 227 5515

Our Workshops

Students of all ages engage in our creative filmmaking workshops. Our workshops explore curriculum links and develop understanding of a subject in a hands-on way, whilst at the same time students have fun and build skills in a supportive learning environment.

Over a fun and action-packed day at our Pop-Up Film School, students will plan and shoot a series of short films. Our professional filmmakers and facilitators will support your students throughout the day and participants can keep anything you produce during the day. You can use it to support future lessons, contribute to coursework requirements or simply as a souvenir.

Filmmaking workshops at Tyneside Cinema cost £350+VAT per day.

Each workshop runs from 10:00-15:00 and is suitable for up to 30 students.

1. Adaptations Workshop

What does it take to make a film from a Shakespeare play? Maybe you’d like to see Macbeth as a film noir, or Romeo and Juliet interpreted as a war movie?

In our Adaptation workshop, students work together in small groups to plan, shoot and edit a short film based on key moments from the original text.

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2. Animation: Old and New

Learn about the beginning of cinema and make your own early animation devices.

In our Animation workshop, students learn about the history of animation and then work together to create their own short film.

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3. Film Trailer & Music Video

Students love our film and music filmmaking workshops; they are regularly our most popular courses because of the relatable and fun subject matter.

Whether you choose music or film, students will work together in small groups to make either a music video or a film trailer. Students will learn key skills in development and planning, camerawork, sound recording, performing and editing.

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4. Newsreel

You can plan, shoot and star in your own newsreel film!

If you choose this workshop your students will explore key moments in history. They will work together to create and star in a news-story depicting an important historic. Creating their film style of a traditional newsreel, students will have fun while developing confidence and building their communication skills.

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Modern Foreign Language Workshops & Study Days

Modern Foreign Language Workshops

Our Modern Foreign Language Workshops allow students to practice their foreign language skills, in a fun and relaxed way.

We support groups of up to 30 students to make their own film with dialogue entirely in French, German or Spanish. Your students will build confidence in speaking and conversing in their chosen language.

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Modern Foreign Language Study Days

Alternatively, book your students onto one of our Interactve Foreign Language Study Days, we offer Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.

Each event includes a full feature film screening, along with cinema-based presentations delivered in the chosen language and a comprehensive resource pack to use on the day.

Our A-Level Study Days have additional afternoon breakout sessions led by Newcastle University language ambassadors.

PRICING: £6 per student: KS3 & KS4 / GCSE. £8 per student: KS5 / A-level. Plus, 1 free adult for every 20 students

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New for 2020: Mandarin Study Day

Myth, Culture and Modernity in Chinese Cinema – a KS3 Mandarin Study Day

12 Feb 2020 10:00 -15:00
Due to popular demand, we have added a second date:
25 Mar 2020 09:30 – 14:30
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£8 per student. 1 adult free for every 10 students.

This new study day for KS3 Chinese Mandarin is designed to help pupils gain understanding of both China’s history and contemporary culture through an exploration of the nation’s cinema.

Drawing on various historical and cultural contexts, analysis of Chinese cinema can help to separate myth from history and can help to develop awareness of China as a nation today, by showing its embrace of modernity. Pupils will be provided the opportunity to investigate these themes in depth using textual analysis of key scenes in selected Chinese films, such as Not One Less (2000) directed by Zhang Yimou and Please Vote For Me (Weijun Chen 2007). They will also watch a full length screening of a modern Chinese film.

This study day is designed to develop a cultural awareness that will enhance language learning and understanding of Chinese traditions as well as China today.

Led by Dr. Carol-Mei Barker, Developer, Learning Programmes, BFI and Xiaoming Zhu, Network Coordinator at The Confucius Institute, UCL Institute of Education.

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