1hr 44mins

At Tyneside Baby Club screenings, you can enjoy some of the best new film releases, screened with the lights up a touch and the sound down a little, just for the comfort of your youngster. Please note: Only adults with a baby under 2 years old can attend these screenings.

Michael Winterbottom

Self-made British billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie has ruled the retail fashion world for over 30 years, but his empire is in crisis after a run of bad publicity and his image is tarnished. In a desperate bid to save his reputation, he decides to bounce back with a highly extravagant Roman-themed party on the Greek island of Mykonos – tasteless, offensive and a live lion for a re-creation of the Coloseum scene from Gladiator, what could go wrong?

Starring Steve Coogan, Isla Fisher and David Mitchell.


Our family friendly offers are generously sponsored by Queensway Dental.

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